Thursday, April 30, 2020

NaPoWriMo Day 30

NaPoWriMo Poem 30

 Rest in Peace

One last time to say good bye
before we can't see each other anymore.
Did you know about us?
All the hate and all the love?

One last time to see each other,
send me a message
to avoid all the sorrows.
One last dance,
to be close, for us.

The last goodbye is always the worse
because you never know
when is the time to go.
Action is the movement,
and sadness should not conquer
the love that will always prevail.

Fear of loneliness
and not having you to talk to;
may take over,
may dominate,
may bring forth about
the mountain of despair,
the annihilation of hope.

The anger and the hatred
will bring us to the brink
of emotional extinction.
The heavy feelings will permeate,
professing the intrinsic sadness
that will accompany our life's journey.

What's to come?
What's to be of me?
What about us?
I can't believe
what's happening to me!
My hopes,
my dreams,
my fantasies;
gone in one stance,
gone with the last breath taken from you.

Memento Mori,
forever and only
cradled in my consciousness.
Carpe Diem,
is the promise
made for you.
Carpe Noctem,
is the vow we made for us.

We honor the dead
by staying alive.
We honor the dead
by making them proud.
We honor the dead
by crying,
hating the fact that they died.
We honor the dead
by never complaining
that we are alive.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

NaPoWriMo Day 29

NaPoWriMo Poem 29

 Burn it out

Let us consume this fire,
conquering every fear
within ourselves.
Let us enter into oblivion,
with open minds
and open mouths.
Let us drink from the chalice
the blood of life,
be baptized.

Intrude into the trance,
spin around the voices;
dance until the sun greets us.
Burn the bad karma away,
let the ashes wash under the rug.

Break the ocean wall of promises,
shatter the mirror of wisdom into a thousand million pieces.
Steal the heartbeat of a thousand children,
ignite the forbidden passion, until the end approaches.

Let us burn it out
under Rob Zombie;
under everything holy,
nothing has been sacred,
gasoline is the only sure thing.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

NaPoWriMo Day 28

NaPoWriMo Poem 28


The living substance
we need to live
to prove our validity;
the proof of life
inside our bodies.

Blood is thicker than water,
as they say.
I say Nay!
Not, not, not!
I confer to disagree,
blood is just a substance
inside of one's body.

Just because we share the same blood
does not mean I have to put up with your shit.
Just because we share the same blood
does not mean you can do whatever you want with me.

Blood, the substance that confines
and defines the human civilization.
Every human has blood inside
and every blood is the same color,
and some can share the same type.

But not us,
not you and not me.
We are not related by anything.
the blood inside us will not define
our relationship standing.

This is not for us,
all we have is
memories of what you did,
and said and did not do
and your distorted version
of the facts.

The blood will not determine this,
the blood will exacerbate
ultimately assisting
in attaining the ever clear end that I need.

NaPoWriMo DAY 27

NaPoWriMo Poem 27

The Gaslighter

I asked her,  do you like this?
Do you want this?
Is this your thing?
Because if it's not, then say it.
Speak out, if you don't want it,
if you don't like it,
it's understandable,
it's perfectly fine,
just be honest,
and tell me the truth.

And she said: "Yes, I like it,
yeah I'm fine with it,
as a matter of fact I know what to do,
I've been there, I know my way,
through and through".

I asked her again as days went by the same questions,
she always said the same: "Yes I do, yes I like it, 
yes I don't oppose it, yes I know what to do".

The final day came about.
When faced with the situation:
she backed out,
she said no,
she said is not her thing,
she said she's not a fan,
she said is no my favorite thing,
she said no, she doesn't like it.

When confronted as to why,
why would you say at first yes,
and then no?
She said: "I never said yes, I said sometimes, not all the times, 
I said it wasn't my thing, 
I said I like it, is not my favorite, but is not my thing".

Why say yes,
to later say no?
Why travel, and spend all that money
to say yes,
then say no?

The interrogation was full on.
Question after question,
all of them rejected by statements 
declaring: "why do you always complain about the same shit?
"There you go again, always with the same tune?
"Que mucho Jodes con la misma mierda!"

Reality struck
whenever she denied,
reality shattered
all of her lies.
There was no way to hide this,
for she know from day one 
what she was doing.
She thought that she could get away with it.

For some strange reason
she thought that it would not be an issue;
to her it wasn't that serious,
and no one will make her change.
"I am my own person,
no one is gonna make me do nothing that I don't wanna do".

Little did she know 
who she was dealing with;
the queen of the game,
the legend of wisdom and experience;
a bullshit cutter.

She lost, 
was unable to muster up
and proceed with what she had attested to.
She lost,
her stubborness got the best of her,
She lost,
she lied about the one thing
that was explicitly requested 
for her to comply with.
She lost,
the second she said she liked it
when she really didn't.
She lost,
and the last time they saw each other
was the last chance she was given 
to prove to her that she could be the one.
She lost,


Monday, April 27, 2020

NaPoWriMo DAY 26

NaPoWriMo Poem 26


January began cold and dreadful
announcing a warning heeded,
the news unfolded
disease and death ignored not by me.

February began,
intensified harder
my physician said:
"there's no cure, stay home, cancel the concert".

March began,
skepticism in the masses.
I watched under lockdown
voluntary since January.

Toilet paper hoarding,
full effect onward,
stay at home pleas.
Closing of everything get out now.

Complaints of payments,
food shortage,
food rationing,
bills pilling up, nothing to do, nowhere to go.

April Fools began
protests all around
people dying on the ground
no one cares,
as long as the economy is safe.

May begins
Everyone goes back to work,
back to shopping,
back to restaurants;
the first night back home, they all die.

NaPoWriMo DAY 25

NaPoWriMo Poem 25

Dear Brother

I dream of us
running scared away from the car
We kept safe for awhile, right?
Abandoned but never gone bad.

I think of us,
the talks we had;
conspiracies over everything,
conclusions and desperate pleas.

You are always on my mind,
blond sunlight of my life,
green starlight forever shine
never-ending smile.

Your voice is missed,
never forgotten;
always remember:
your laughter.

Never say never,
Never say forever,
Never deny,
Never neglect.

NaPoWriMo DAY 24

NaPoWriMo Poem 24

The Birthday Boy

Wake up with breakfast in bed,
a happy song,
a smile on everyone's face
and one present to start off.

Favorite food cooks,
favorite everything displays true,
love and cake,
ice cream and love...

Fill their bellies up.
With the goodness of your soul,
sing songs of joy
before the passing begins.

Cross the troll bridge
as a dare,
ride the witches' broom in the air.
Do not fall, do not doubt
the magical aunt that loves you all around.

NaPoWriMo DAY 23

NaPoWriMo Poem 23

Breaking the Waves

The coral rock formation
breaks the waves,
breaks the ships,
breaks the bones of lost sailors in the sea.

The sound never stops;
slashes at first,
then you can not live without it,
it becomes part of you.

You stare and let it begin;
the waves hypnotize
all of your being,
inviting you to dance within their deepness.

Coming and going
the yearning belonging
to her and her alone
when will this all end?

A step is taken
into the abyss,
into the precipice,
just to take a peak.

NaPoWriMo DAY 22

NaPoWriMo Poem 22

  No Regrets

"Can't you throw a couple of bucks at me to buy the plane ticket at least one way?"
"Can't you take me to Austin or New Orleans?
Can't you take me to the punk show, so I can meet with someone to sell them my album?
Can't you pay for my art and drawing supplies at hobby lobby?
"Can't you pay for the outfit to use at my cousin's wedding?"
Can't you take me out and stay in a hotel like the last time?"
"Can't you stop complaining about me?"
"Can't you just admit that you bother me too much?"

No regrets, none whatsoever.

NaPoWriMo DAY 21

NaPoWriMo DAY 21


High on lust
enjoying the freedom;
creating the bridge
after the trance dance.

Don't just sit there
waiting for it to happen;
make it happen
like I did.

I am all elements
encompassed within the core;
you are just the passing,
a stepping stone into the best.

I am everything:
the alpha, the omega;
the one and only,
but you are left behind.

My flying journey,
games never-ending;
breaking all rules,
making everything a reality.

No need to look behind
the worst has passed
the sour bilis has been spat out
the hunger begins for a new dream.

NaPoWriMo DAY 20

NaPoWriMo Poem 20


Laying in bed,
next to each other,
feeling the heat,
our bodies crossover.

Open my legs,
eat me bare,
enjoy my forbidden fruit;
saved only for you.

Take my pain away,
the pain of past lovers affairs.
Bring forth the light
while your tongue speaks to me.

You have no shame,
no baggage,
no inhibitions,
no unkept promises.

You said
and you delivered;
very simple
and very clean.

Over and over we died
la petit morte;
ma cherie,
you are the best.


NaPoWriMo DAY 19

NaPoWriMo Poem 19

Canada Dry

The cold embrace inviting
to a warm bowl of soup,
slurp and slurp,
and down the beer goes too.

The hotel room bed
welcomed the foreplay;
the blood must not touch and stain,
while the other grinded consciously.

The act of moving hands
slowly and then fast
licking everything down,
until the tongue extracts.

Next day a meeting of misery,
left devoid of pleasure;
around and around
muscles atrophied.

Despair announcing the future;
disabled after the reveal,
the night will come again
then, we shall see.

Another night,
another lick,
always true;
like a vision of love,
it was very light.

Another night,
another orgasm granted;
sleeping under long lasting smiles
only one, not the other.

Thoughs of desperation
begin to sink in
looking around these squalid corpses
her demise would be the same.

Not a caretaker wannabe,
no, not her
not a provider,
just a warrior.

Nothing gained in return.
Only fake smiles,
passive aggressive love
and hidden looks of disgust.

Travel to see
the same horrible face
never changing
always complaining.

The face of the complainer
stayed the same,
only to satisfy it's own face;
never reciprocated the gift that was given.

Travel back and forth
was not for nothing,
time's not waisted
a lesson has been learned here.

Always travel with a kind face companion,
chose the face that will eat you happily
and will not complain about it,
chose her who will not leave you Canada dry.

NaPoWriMo DAY 18

NaPoWriMo Poem 18


Skin to skin,
love to love,
give me life,
give me hope.

Feel me in,
feel me on,
don't fall away from me...
follow me;
and do everything I say,
and you'll live.

Be inside of me,
be all over me,
make me yours,
make me whole again:
bring me life,
bring me pain,
make myself perfect again.

Love me now,
love me when I'm down,
love me for ever:
not faking it,
just living it.

Kneel before me,
bring yourself closer...
aspire me,
devour my senses;
enter and stay with me forever.

NaPoWriMo DAY 17

  Blue dress,
I love the way it clings to your skin
a figure of pure emotion
I aspire to be next to you always,
next to your warmness
always inviting me,
into your softness,
 beckoning me...
My will shall surrender onto thee.

NaPoWriMo DAY 16

NaPoWriMo Poem 16

Enjoy the Silence

Her confidant encouraged her
to speak out.
She listened attentively,
while she poured herself away.

Voice of concern,
raising awareness,
announcing the details of what was to come;
revealing the feelings festered under the wound.

The voice had shattered the whole world,
the curse has been lifted;
let the healing begin,
what once was used to destroy, shall now be used to heal.

Kind words,
words of wisdom,
words of guidance,
they uplifted her;
she felt radiant.

Her confidante always by her side listening.
Her Cricket to Pinocchio,
her White Rabbit to Alice,
her Faust to Goethe,
the light in the darkness.

Late night house call,
followed by transmutation of sensations
under exposed conversation
conveying the palpable raw.

Lay down,
she will see,
let her see,
show her what you mean;
even if it's ugly
you need to know.
She will be honest,
she will tell you the truth that no else wanted.

Lay down on your waist wrapped dress,
lift your knees up and slide down to the bottom edge of the bed.
Set up comfortably and tell her to come in;
she sits face to face facing you.

The skirt is lifted up,
sliding softly down her thighs,
her eyes closed,
feeling the fabric touch her face.

The confidante viewed the view,
appreciated it after a whisk of breath;
taking it all in,
examining her inwards carefully.

Her time is taken up,
she gets closer to the top,
she wants to see clearly;
she wants to know everything.

The confidante smiles,
her face is breathing between her legs.
She can feel the warmness
and wetness begins to appear
the confidante wants to moan and takes all the smells inside

Under one deep inhalation she steps back
open your eyes she says,
everything looks fine,
your pussy is beautiful.

She relaxes and covers herself again;
is interrupted by the confidante
who gently lays her back
and decisively devours her pussy just right.

NaPoWriMo DAY 15

NaPoWriMo Poem 15


First time I really listened and understood her voice
It did not disappoint,
she carried me away into the irish barley green fields
and the feeling was supreme.

She guide me through the darkness
She was my Virgil, to my Dante
transported me away
into her sweet vocal secrets

I have the Cd No Need To Ague on my hands
I press play and open the lyrics booklet,
i admire the photography
and devour the lyrics.

I repeat this over and over,
listening to the complete album again and again,
raising from the closeted darkenss
coming out into the light of lesbianism.

Being told daily that I should not be alive,
suddenly something had happened to me;
as I was sitting in the darkness of it all,
like dying in the sun, and coming back loud and clear.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

NaPoWriMo DAY 14

NaPoWriMo Poem 14

"She who does not eat pussy is not to be trusted...ever."

The secret delights hidden between Kassandra's legs awakened the senses
to devour her completely. Her forbidden fruit had entranced her lovers,
they begged for her to sit on their faces, demanding to taste her juices.

Until one rotten tomboy lesbian wannabe crossed her path with her hard strap on
and synchronized thrusts, only to fail at the one thing that made her cum the most.

Oral love making was her endgame, she lived to cum under her lovers tongue. She fantasized about her clitoris being sucked until she trembled and climaxed in delight. Her very own first tomboy
taunted her over phone sex, whispering all the things she wanted to do to her.

Her tomboy declared her enthusiasm for eating pussy, she described in full detail
how she would devour her until she couldn't cum no more. Every day and every night
her tomboy hypnotized her with promises of taking her virginity away;
as she had never been penetrated by another woman with a strap on. The tomboy had awaken a curiosity in her, she spent most of her time day dreaming about sitting in her tomboy's face
and being penetrated after; repeating the perfect cycle over and over, until both were exhausted.

She kept promising her how she would feast on her pussy, how she would penetrate her with her strap on and then lick her pussy clean until she orgasmed many times. Her tomboy called her every
night, had phone sex climaxes with her every time; describing over and over
how she would eat her pussy out.

Their public face to face encounter began with a kiss on the cheek, the sensuality of the first kiss followed. Kassandra tried to taste her tongue a bit, but the tomboy would not have it. Once in the privacy of the budoir, her tomboy pinned her to the wall and kissed her, her tongue again not touching hers.
This exasperated her, she desired to taste the tomboy's tongue, but again the tomboy would decline this advance, with this reply: "you kind of don't know how to properly kiss..." and parted away to freshen up, leaving her consumed in doubts.

This raised a minor red flag, Kassandra thought to herself: "apparently the tomboy doesn't like kissing with tongue, yet on the previous phone sex conversation she had professed how she was going to even suck my tongue", and this was making her anxiously confused, yet she proceeded.

Kassandra wore a sexy lingerie corset with tight high stockings, gloves, high heels, her hair and make up meticulously done, all dolled up. She played her sex-freak-on on play list. She had arrange an array of songs to seduce, model and dance for her new tomboy. The anticipation was her drive, her pussy wet and still felt nervous about what was to come.

The tomboy came out, swept her off her feet, made love to her, took her virginity away, even ate her ass penetrating her with her tongue; made her cum this way. Days of togetherness had followed, days in which no pussy licking was done to her. The tomboy had licked her pussy once or twice, with no enthusiasm or dedication, no detailed techniques to bring forth orgasms or climaxing, only faking it till she made it. After this she was left more confused and decided to express her dissatisfaction.

Kassandra faced the tomboy and asked her why didn't she ate her pussy as much as she ate hers. The tomboy replied: "I don't know you enough to lick your pussy like that, like you want me to, but I love giving you the black kiss in your ass anytime". This left her more puzzled and thought to herself: "so you can eat my ass with all the farts and particles of shit but not my clean pussy..."

Afterwards she tried to reason with the tomboy, but the tomboy, again wouldn't listen. She wouldn't
even acknowledge her desires, her pleas, her cries or her tantrums. She realized that her tomboy was
unaware of what reciprocity meant. She was either unaware or conscious and yet not really caring about giving back. She'd just came into her boudoir had taken her love and lust for granted.

This was an awakening for her. Just because you call yourself a lesbian it doesn't mean that you automatically will enjoy eating pussy. What infuriated her the most was the lies about pussy eating, she felt betrayed and neglected, Kassandra remember the last words she said to the tomboy: "you're not a pussy eater, you're a pussy hater!".

She decided to pair herself with another lover. This woman was a stud. After their long and heated making out session, just before the stud went down on her, she said out loud: "Kassandra, I've been waiting to kiss your lips and eat your cute pink tight little pussy since the last time we saw each other" while she buried herself in her mount of Venus delights.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

NaPoWriMo DAY 13

Endless Void

Time to begin your journey
into the endless void...

Born outside of wedlock,
an unholy union,
heretics united to bring forth
the spawn of darkness.

She was the first born,
the queen of the clan,
her baptism ignored
born without a soul.

Exposed to life's horrors early on,
building resilience;
facing the worst of the worst,
training to become an immortal.

Dead of the night
came too soon.
Before her virginity was consumed.
She died at midnight.

Alone in the dark she lay,
no one cried her departure,
no one claimed her body,
alone she was abandoned, into the void.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

NaPoWriMo DAY 12

Never again

The seal of trust has been broken
beyond a certain point there is no return.
I am better off without you.
I can forgive but never forget.

We can't just delete our thoughts,
I can't just disregard my emotions.
The abuse that I endured
changed my psychi.

Verbal insults,
emotional attacks,
self-esteem damaged;
gaslighted all the time.

I got out
barely alive.
I once was lost
but I found the courage to get out.